2022 Nissan LEAF becomes most affordable EV with sub-$30k MSRP

Nissan’s 2022 LEAF has established itself as the most affordable electric vehicle in the U.S. market with the rollout of the newest models. The base LEAF S has an unbelievably low starting price of just $27,400 before incentives, with federal tax credits potentially bringing the cost of the vehicle down to the sub-$20,000 level. After federal incentives, all five of the 2022 models will be under $30,000.

The best bang for your buck for an electric vehicle will be the Nissan LEAF S, starting at $27,400, a drop of $4,245 from the 2021 edition of the all-electric hatchback. Utilizing a CHAdeMO fast-charging connector, the 149 miles of all-electric range is far from the highest available on the market but still reasonable for owners with a short commute or less demanding driving schedules. As other manufacturers, like Tesla, Ford, and Chevrolet, have all offered significantly more robust models in terms of range, technology, efficiency, and performance, the LEAF is no longer the cream-of-the-crop for EVs. However, it still offers significantly greater advantages than an ICE vehicle, like an opportunity to capture a $7,500 discount due to federal tax credits, the availability to charge at home, and significantly less greenhouse gas emissions.

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Equipping a 40 kWh battery pack, the LEAF S offers basic features like a 110 kW AC electric motor, Automatic Emergency Braking, Apple CarPlay integration, and a cozy interior. If the low range rating isn’t something you’d be interested in dealing with, there are four other models to choose from: the SV ($28,800, $21,300 after incentives, S Plus ($32,400, $24,900 after incentives), SV Plus ($35,400, $27,900 after incentives), and SL Plus ($37,400, $29,900 after incentives).

Each of the variants experienced price drops when compared to last year’s models. The largest price decrease was applied by the fully-loaded SL Plus variant, which dropped $6,545 from the 2020 model.

The availability of so many different LEAF variants offers every potential customer the opportunity to select the perfect EV for them while not necessarily breaking the bank. Sure, you won’t get a cool semi-autonomous driving option or nearly 400 miles of all-electric range. However, if an electric vehicle is your first way to join the movement toward sustainable energy, then the LEAF might be the perfect car to help appeal to potential buyers.

Nissan currently receives batteries for the LEAF from Envision AESC. The company recently signed a battery recycling deal with former Tesla executive J.B. Straubel’s Redwood Materials, giving owners peace of mind that their battery packs will be sustainably handled after the vehicle’s time on the road has come to a close.

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