A look at Tesla’s potential new Gigafactory locations: Mexico, Canada, Indonesia or South Korea

Recent reports indicate that Tesla’s new gigafactory could be located in Mexico. The EV maker is expected to announce the location of its new factory this week. 

Besides Mexico, there have been a few locations that Tesla has considered for its new gigafactory. Even if Mexico is Tesla’s new gigafactory location, the other places in the running are not completely out of the question.

Tesla North America

Canada and Mexico are the top choices for Tesla’s new gigafactory in North America. Cars made in either country would benefit from the United States’ new EV subsidies.

Between the two, Tesla appears to be leaning more towards Gigafactory Mexico. Although Tesla also appears to be considering a partnership with Canada for parts. 

Tesla Giga Mexico

Sources close to the matter told Bloomberg News that Tesla plans to announce its new gigafactory in Mexico later this week. The plan will reportedly be located in Santa Catarina, Monterrey City. Tesla still has to iron out a few details regarding Giga Mexico. 

The company has been talking with the state government of Nuevo Leon and Mexico’s foresight relations ministry over the past few weeks. The EV manufacturer has already established a good business relationship with the state government of Nuevo Leon. 

Tesla has an exclusive customs lane for parts from the Nuevo Leon border into Texas. Another benefit to building in Mexico is that Tesla vehicles would still qualify for EV subsidies in the United States from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). 

Tesla Giga Canada

Elon Musk teased a possible gigafactory in Canada during Giga Texas’ Cyber Rodeo event earlier this year. Tesla has been active in Canada these past few months through lobbying efforts and discussions with Canadian officials. 

In September, Canada’s Minister of Industry Francois-Philippe Champagne stated that Tesla did discuss the possibility of building a factory in Canada. Earlier this year, Champagne emphasized that Canada hopes to be the auto industry’s new “supplier of choice.” Canada has the minerals and supplies automakers need to manufacture electric vehicles and EV batteries. In August, for instance, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz signed separate agreements with Canada for EV battery materials. 

Tesla already has a facility in Canada that builds some of the machines the company uses in its gigafactories worldwide. A gigafactory in Canada would also qualify for EV subsidies in the IRA

Tesla Gigafactories in Asia

Gigafactory Shanghai will likely be Tesla’s main headquarters in Asia. However, as the EV maker expands its presence in all of Asia, it would need to partner with more Asian countries. Indonesia and South Korea are two viable partners that could boost Tesla’s supply chain and presence in the East. 

Tesla Indonesia

Elon Musk has met with Indonesia’s President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo multiple times this past year. Jokowi has been working hard to establish a relationship with Musk and form a partnership between Indonesia and Tesla.

In August, Tesla reportedly signed a nickel contract with Indonesia worth $5 billion. Indonesia has major nickel reserves, attracting car makers worldwide, like Tesla. However, Jokowi emphasized his desire to build fully electric vehicles in the country. 

“What we want is the electric car, not the battery. For Tesla, we want them to build electric cars in Indonesia. We want a huge ecosystem of electric cars,” President Jokowi said. 

Tesla South Korea

Last month, South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-Yeol reportedly talked with Elon Musk. According to officials in President Yoon’s office South Korea was a top candidate for Tesla’s next factory in Asia

Elon Musk and President Yoon discussed Tesla increasing its cooperation with South Korea in terms of supply chain. The South Korean President also offered special incentives to encourage investments from Tesla and SpaceX. 

“If Tesla, SpaceX or other companies are considering more investment in [South] Korea, including constructing a gigafactory, the government will do our best to support the investment,” President Yoon said.

Tesla is expected to announce the location of its next gigafactory later this week. Mexico appears to be the location of choice. However, given Tesla’s activities in other countries, Canada, Indonesia, and South Korea might not be entirely out of the running.

What do you think of these locations for Tesla’sTesla’s next gigafactory? Does Tesla need another partner in Asia? Tell us in the comments below. 

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