ABB delivers chargers for Gridserve Electric Highway charging network

UK charging provider Gridserve is expanding and upgrading its network of public charging stations. The company says its Electric Highway will include coverage for 85 percent of the UK’s motorway network, plus towns and cities across the country.

Gridserve will install ABB’s Ultrafast DC and Fast DC chargers at many of its sites. ABB’s Ultrafast DC 350 kW chargers will be installed at 50 of Gridserve’s new Electric Charging Hubs—between 6 and 12 charging units at each site. Gridserve will also install 300 ABB Fast DC 60 kW chargers to upgrade 150 existing sites that Gridserve has acquired from Ecotricity.

ABB’s chargers support Gridserve’s Autocharge, a new feature that recognizes an individual EV, and automatically initiates charging and handles payment (analogous to the Plug & Charge system in the US). Gridserve also appreciated ABB’s ability to support rapid deployment, as the company plans to place more than 10 new Electric Hubs into service before the end of 2021.

“We’ve chosen to use ABB EV chargers as they have the technology and capability to help deliver our ambitious plans for the Gridserve Electric Highway network, and provide the best possible charging experience for EV drivers,” said Gridserve CEO Toddington Harper.

Source: ABB Electrification

Source: Charged EVs
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