ABB earns CharIN CCS certification for its DC charger portfolio

CharIN is a 200-member global association that promotes interoperability based on the Combined Charging System (CCS). Electronics giant ABB has been an active member of CharIN since its establishment in 2015, and leads a CharIN working group dedicated to CCS interoperability testing and certification.

Now ABB is en route to becoming the first company to secure CharIN CCS Basic Certificates for its DC fast charging stations. The CCS Basic conformance certification indicates that testing has confirmed interoperability and safe operations between a company’s chargers and EVs of any brand.  

DC charging station manufacturers can apply for a CharIN CCS Basic certificate, which will be issued after successful testing by CharIN-recognized test laboratories. DEKRA is one of the first two testing labs officially appointed by CharIN. ABB’s CCS1 and CCS2 charging solutions are currently undergoing certification by DEKRA.

“One of our fundamental principles is to ensure that our charging stations are as interoperable and user-friendly as possible, so that we can really drive broader adoption of EVs around the globe,” said Frank Muehlon, President of ABB’s E-mobility Division. “This certification is a strong sign that we are doing just that; that our chargers are flying the flag for common standards so that more people make the switch to an EV future.”

Source: ABB

Source: Charged EVs
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