Apple Car production gets potential 2024 target amid talks with Toyota: report

Apple is reportedly looking to Asia as it lays some groundwork for the Apple Car. The tech giant reportedly plans to visit Toyota to discuss the Apple Car’s mass production, which is expected to start by 2024. 

Toyota isn’t the first legacy automaker Apple has approached since talk of the Apple Car re-emerged in recent months. Earlier this year, reports emerged stating that Apple was taking preliminary steps in its EV project by talking with South Korean carmaker Hyundai. 

Apple seems open to partnering with traditional OEMs on its EV project. However, the company also appears to be exploring other manufacturing options for the Apple Car. For instance, Apple reportedly considered partnering with Magna International, a Canada-based company that offers EV manufacturing services, as well. 

According to DigiTimes, Apple’s current efforts to visit Asian carmakers and suppliers are part of its preparations for the development and eventual production of its all-electric vehicle. One of the main focuses of the visits is rumored to be the battery supply chain for the Apple Car. 

Last month, Apple was rumored to be talking to multiple EV component manufacturers in Korea. The California-based company reportedly talked with Korean battery manufacturers like LG Chem and SK Innovation. While in Korea, Apple also talked with Hanwha, a company that offers its expertise in petrochemical technology and advanced materials. 

Hanwha also promises to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers, hinting at Apple’s direction with its EV’s supply chain. Apple seems hyper-aware of the type of electric vehicle people want, down to its tiniest components. The fact that Hanwha was considered an option for the Apple Car’s supply chain means the tech company knows the significance of sustainability to customers today. 

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