Australia awards $27 million to five companies to deploy 403 fast charging stations

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has awarded a total of $26.8 million to five public charging providers to fund the deployment of 403 new fast charging stations, each with dual-vehicle capability and 50 kW or more of power.

Gas retailer and oil refiner Ampol will receive $7.05 million in funding, and plans to install fast charging bays at 121 of its petrol stations in the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth regions. Each station will feature a dual 50 kW DC fast charger, and will be powered by renewable energy.

“Ampol’s national retail network, along Australia’s major highways and close to existing high-traffic roads, is strategically located to help minimize range anxiety for EV users,” said Ampol CEO Matt Halliday. “We remain confident in our ability to evolve our retail network to support battery-electric vehicle adoption.”

Evie Networks was awarded $8.85 million to install 158 stations across eight regions. Engie received $6.85 million to dploy 103 fast charging stations across four regions. ChargeFox scored $1.4 million to deliver 16 fast charging stations in Adelaide and Perth. Electric Highway Tasmania took home $400,000 to build 5 stations in Hobart.

Not to worry, however—the Australian government is still firmly committed to fossil fuels. Ampol recently received a $1-billion federal bailout of its Australian oil refinery business.

Sources: The Driven, Independent Australia

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