Biggest points of EV skepticism have widely been met, study shows

A recent study on what would motivate EV skeptics to buy electric vehicles shows that most of their concerns have been met.

A survey by Parks Associates asked those who neither own an electric vehicle nor plan to purchase one in the future what would motivate them to consider buying an electric one. The resulting top seven answers bear fantastic news as nearly all of the concerns cited by the skeptics have been addressed.

According to the survey results, the top seven incentives that would motivate EV skeptics to consider buying an electric vehicle are as follows:

The ability of an EV to travel 400 miles or more on a single charge.
Widespread EV charging.
Tax break on vehicle purchase.
An electric rate plan that is cheaper than gas.
The ability to charge while electric rates are low and power your home off of your car when rates are high.
The ability to power your house when there is a power outage.
The ability to understand the degree of carbon footprint reduction.

For those who already own an EV or are at least interested in the prospect, these may sound like strange reasons one would change their mind—especially considering that many of these reasons already exist.

Looking at the top reason, the ability to travel 400 miles on a single charge, while not a standard feature, does exist on a couple of models of electric vehicles. The first was the Tesla Model S Long Range in 2020, which had an EPA-rated 402 miles per charge. Furthermore, numerous models are capable of almost 400 miles and can recharge fully in sometimes as little as 20 minutes. Further addressing concerns, due to funding of EV charging infrastructure, it is now more likely than ever that charging exists everywhere you want to go, and only more stations will appear as time goes on.

Credit: Tesla

Perhaps most perplexing is the financial incentives that have existed for electric vehicles for years now. If you are worried that you won’t be able to receive a tax break, take a look at both state and federal incentives because the odds are that multiple incentives may apply to you! Furthermore, electric vehicles and their charging are cheaper than ever, and with how high gas prices have remained, have no fear; you will likely also be saving on fuel costs.

Motivators five and six are fairly specific, but these abilities are coming to more and more EVs yearly. The Ford F150 Lightning is one of the best-known options that can fill both of these concerns, and for those looking to go the extra distance to stabilize their grid, look no further than the Tesla Powerwall!

Finally, finding your carbon reduction, perhaps more difficult, is not impossible! Engineering Explained has made a fantastic video showing how much CO2 you can save depending on where you live. If you’d like more personalized results, look no further than the first Google result for “CO2 EV calculator” from Dominion Energy.

Overall, the results of this survey indicate fantastic news for EV skeptics. EV technology is better than ever and is continuing to improve every year. Hopefully, through the spread of information like this, more consumers can see just how much better the electric vehicle is than expected.

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