Buick to become an all-electric brand by end of decade

Buick says it will fully electrify its lineup in North America, and will bring its first electric vehicle to market for North America in 2024.

Buick’s future EV products will carry the Electra name. The company released a wealth of information about its new brand identity and new badging (new typography, an updated color palette and a new marketing approach!) but is offering few details about the new EVs it plans to produce.

Buick Wildcat EV concept passenger side profile.
Buick Wildcat EV concept rear three-quarter with distinctive semi-swing doors that open on the passenger side.
Buick Wildcat EV concept rear three-quarter.
Buick’s new tri-shield logo. The new badge will be body-mounted onto the front fascia of Buick products starting in 2023.
Buick Wildcat EV concept front view.
Buick Wildcat EV concept interior.
Buick Wildcat EV concept interior driver side.
Buick Wildcat EV concept rear lighting.

“The Buick brand is committed to an all-electric future by the end of this decade,” said Duncan Aldred, Global Vice President, Buick and GMC. “Buick’s new logo, use of the Electra naming series and a new design look for our future products will transform the brand.”

The new look is demonstrated by the Wildcat EV concept, which Buick calls “an expressive vision of the brand’s new design direction.” Buick has used the Wildcat name for concept vehicles throughout its history. The first Wildcat, introduced in 1953, was “a show vehicle that previewed next-generation Buick design.”

“From every angle, the vehicle looks like it’s ready to pounce,” said Bob Boniface, Director, Global Buick Design. “It’s the result of careful attention to the proportions and sculptural beauty derived from the intersection of forms, not lines.”

The company offered copious details about the exterior and interior design of the 2+2 coupe, but it looks like we’ll have to wait for any information about its features and performance. Buick did mention “a sweeping touchscreen” and another screen on the console. Buick also said that new vehicles sold in the US will include three years of OnStar and Connected Services Premium Plan, and that services such as remote key fob, Wi-Fi data and OnStar safety services will be included as standard equipment.

It also revealed that the Wildcat EV concept is a platform for “futuristic” features such as artificial intelligence, biometrics and aromatherapy. “When Zen Mode is activated, it will dim the cabin lights, disperse calming aromatherapy scents and activate massaging seats.”

Source: Buick

Source: Charged EVs

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