Bullet EV launches as installer of EV chargers, solar panels and battery storage systems

Newly launched renewables services company Bullet EV, headquartered in Austin, Texas, has announced its goal of taking on the challenges of EV charger scarcity, a strained power grid and volatile electricity rates.

“Current and projected demand for EV chargers is the catalyst for the formation of Bullet EV,” said COO Mark Vogel, citing data from S&P Global Mobility showing that forecasts of EV sales demand will require the number of EV chargers to quadruple by 2025 and grow more than eightfold by 2030.

Bullet EV initially offered installation, repair and maintenance services for EV charging stations, solar panels and battery storage for commercial and residential customers in Texas, Arizona, California and Colorado. The company plans to expand nationally during 2024.

Source: Bullet EV

Source: Charged EVs

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