Buyer’s Guide: Why EVs Are Great For Students

Eco-friendly Choices for Young Drivers

Story by Lauren Groff; photos from Clean Fleet Report archives.

Have a high school or college student in the U.S. or Canada going back to in-person school soon? Then they’ll most likely need a car to get to and from school. The good news is, electric vehicles (EVs) are trending among younger drivers, with more than 5.6 million EVs on the road worldwide. Even if the EV the student gets is used, it’s still a good investment for school.

In this quick guide, we’ll explore the following:

Reasons why EVs are beneficial for students, and
The types of EVs to look into for your school commute

Why EVs Are Great For Students

The affordable choices in used EVs and PHEVs continues to grow

While giving a teen driver an expensive ride isn’t necessary, it’s also important to look at quality and pricing in used EVs. According to Carvana, used EVs range between $6,990 and $95,990; however, the company offers many used EVs under $15,000, which is more budget-friendly. Plus, EVs already have a proven track record of being sustainable on the road with an average of 5,300 miles a year.

Types of Cars To Consider

So, if your student wants to invest in a used EV, then they’re in luck! With many EVs on the market nowadays, there are some exceptional ones that are of great quality, despite having a previous life.

Before your student heads back to school, check out these four options in used EVs (we’ve linked to recent Clean Fleet Report reviews of the vehicles for more info):

Fiat 500e EV

Budget-friendly, the Fiat 500e is a fan-favorite among millennial drivers. While it doesn’t go far and doesn’t charge fast enough, it’s still ideal for campus commuting. In addition, it’s one of the cheapest EVs to buy with the the average cost being $11,819.

The Prius Prime plugs in, but has a backup gas engine for longer trips

Toyota Prius Prime PHEV

Next, the Toyota Prius Prime is another choice for used EVs (in this case a plug-in hybrid). With a 25-mile all-electric range, this EV is ideal for driving around campus (and has a gasoline engine for extended drives). The Prius Prime also comes with a huge center touch screen, four seats, and plenty of space in the hatchback. It’s worth checking out if you have a student who’s, say, going to live on college campus, since they’ll need plenty of room in the vehicle to pack their things for the big move.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevy Bolt EV is affordable, and has a 250-mile range even when used. In addition, the back seating and roomy storage area makes it a good choice for students going to college out of town. Chevrolet usually has great deals for their used EVs like the Chevy Bolt EV when they come off of lease.

The Bolt is one of the first long-range EVs to hit the used market

Nissan Leaf EV

Finally, the Nissan Leaf is another great and affordable pick for students, now in its second generation, but with 11 years of previous models often available. This EV is especially ideal for newer drivers who don’t want to screw up on their first test drive, since the vehicle handles much like a conventional gas model. Plus, newer models of the EV can be equipped with Pro-Pilot Assist, which can be beneficial for even the most novice young driver. Ultimately, this vehicle is a suitable starter car for teen drivers.


Still thinking about getting your student an electric vehicle? The good news is, EVs are evolving every year; and, more of them are hitting the road as it stands right now in both the United States and Canada. Plus, more and more young drivers–teens and college students–are looking into investing in EVs as a more convenient and environment-friendly alternative to traditional gas-fueled cars.

We hope that this quick guide is beneficial in helping your student make the right choice, when buying an EV. We hope that your student will ride in style and modernity this coming school year!

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