Changing regulations for Li-ion batteries and chargers in the US e-mobility market (Webinar)

What manufacturers need to know.

Due to a recent surge in fires related to e-mobility consumer products, US lawmakers and regulators are placing new requirements on the lithium-ion batteries and chargers associated with e-bikes, kick scooters, and hoverboards.

In March 2023, New York City Council implemented a series of laws mandating that all e-mobility devices sold, rented, or leased in the city must be certified under UL 2849, UL 2272 and UL 2271. With similar regulations being discussed in New York state legislation and a bill proposed at the federal level, other jurisdictions across the United States may follow suit and are likely to implement similar certification requirements.

E-mobility consumer products and battery manufacturers looking to enter the US market should plan to meet these new regulatory requirements. This webinar will help companies understand these new requirements and how to prepare to meet these regulatory changes effectively.

What will the session cover?

The regulatory landscape today—and how that landscape is expected to change moving forward

Regulatory and testing requirements for e-mobility batteries covered under the scope of UL 2849, UL 2272 and UL 2271

The different manufacturers impacted by the new regulations

Applicable tests and considerations

New legislations

This webinar will be hosted by Charged on Thursday, 1 June, 2023, at 11am US EDT and includes a presentation and live Q&A session.

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Source: Charged EVs

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