CharIN officially launches Megawatt Charging System for commercial EVs

Four years ago, the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN), a global consortium with 280 members, including vehicle OEMs and EVSE manufacturers, established the Task Force for Heavy Duty Charging for Commercial Vehicles to develop a new standard for charging commercial EVs.

Now CharIN has officially introduced the Megawatt Charging System (MCS), and demonstrated it using an Alpitronic charger and a Scania 100% Electric truck. More than 300 visitors attended the unveiling at the recent EVS35 trade show in Oslo. CharIN members will present their respective MCS-based products in the coming year.

MCS is based on globally aligned requirements and a technical specification for a worldwide standard. It includes the benefits and features of the Combined Charging System (CCS) based on ISO/IEC 15118. It’s expected to enable fast and efficient charging not only for trucks, but also for marine vessels, aeronautics and mining. Final publication of the standard is expected in 2024.

A consortium of industry partners has already started a pilot in Germany, the HoLa project, to test Megawatt Charging for long-haul trucking in real world conditions.

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CharIN Megawatt Charging System. Photos by Roberto di Gento

Source: CharIN

Source: Charged EVs

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