Chinese companies to increase production of OCSiAl’s graphene nanotube dispersion

Graphene nanotube company OCSiAl has announced that two Chinese manufacturers of its graphene nanotube dispersion plan to raise production capacities for the dispersions. The graphene nanotube dispersion is designed for lithium-ion cells.

Chinese chemical manufacturers Shenyang East Chemical (East Chem) and Shanghai Haiyi Scientific Trading (Haiyi) started producing OCSiAl’s graphene nanotubes in 2019. According to OCSiAl, “The combined annual capacity of the two companies is planned to reach 40,000 tons in 2023-2024 to meet the increasing demand of the booming EV battery market.”

“The excellent electrical performance and flexibility of OCSiAl’s single wall carbon nanotubes allows for significant improvement of silicon-based anode cycle performance, and reduces the electrode resistance of cathodes and anodes, resulting in high energy density and fast-charging capabilities,” says General Manager of East Chem Dr. Yang Liu.

Source: OCSiAl

Source: Charged EVs

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