Eaton launches new line of differentials for electrified vehicles

The Vehicle Group of power management company Eaton has launched a new lineup of differentials for electrified vehicles that it says offer comparable performance to those of legacy ICE  vehicles. Eaton says its Traction Control family of differentials can provide improved traction in adverse conditions and improved stability while trailering. 

The company offers a full range of differentials for electrified vehicles, including automatic limited-slip, automatic locking and electronic selectable locking differentials. 

Eaton’s Traction Control solutions include:

Truetrac—Helical-gear limited-slip differential maximizes wheel traction and enhances driving and handling characteristics. 
ELocker—Allows for maximum driveline flexibility. Users can switch from a fully open to a fully locked axle at the touch of a button, or it can be integrated into the vehicle (auto-locking).
IntelliTrac—Smart electronically controlled, limited-slip differential is fully integrated to the vehicle to provide instant response and optimized vehicle performance at any speed or traction condition.
MLocker—Automatic, mechanical locking differential which provides drivers traction without the need for buttons, shift knobs or other driver intervention. Improves towing and off-road performance.
Posi—Limited-slip differential which automatically prevents wheel slip before it can get started.
Open—Compact open differential which enables managing torque between left and right wheels.

Brent Pawlak, Business Unit Director for Eaton’s Vehicle Group, said, “Eaton can partner with an OEM to design and develop a differential to specifications and requirements, including torque levels, duty cycles, fatigue and size requirements.”

Source: Eaton

Source: Charged EVs
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