Electric utility EDF launches V2G offering for Nissan fleet customers in the UK

Electric utility EDF, in partnership with Nissan, has launched a new commercial charging service using vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology in the UK.

The V2G technology developed by DREEV, a joint venture between EDF and V2G technology specialist Nuvve, allows bidirectional energy flow in order to recharge an EV’s battery at times of low energy demand and to discharge energy to the grid at peak demand times.

EDF’s V2G offer is available for fleet owners of Nissan’s LEAF and e-NV200. The company says customers could earn as much as £350 in savings per charger per year. UK fleet operators that are interested in EDF’s V2G solution can visit the company’s website for more information.

EDF’s V2G business solution includes: the supply and installation of a two-way connected 11 kW charger with integrated DREEV technology; and a smart phone application used to define the vehicles’ energy requirements and track their state of charge in real time.

“Nissan has been a pioneer in 100% electric mobility since 2010, and the integration of electric vehicles into the company is at the heart of Nissan’s vision for intelligent mobility,” said Andrew Humberstone, Managing Director, Nissan Motor Great Britain. “The Nissan LEAF is the only model today to allow V2G two-way charging. As such, the Nissan LEAF offers new economic opportunities for businesses that no other electric vehicle does today.”

Source: EDF Energy via Electrive

Source: Charged EVs
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