Electrofit launches its first electric crate motor for EV conversions

Electrofit, an EV conversion parts company, has introduced its first electric crate motor.

The CM100KW1 is a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a built-in inverter, a continuous power rating of 50 kW, a configurable peak power rating of 100-150 kW and a weight of 54 kg. The company says the built-in inverter “significantly reduces cost (a typical inverter costs around £3,000) and complexity of integration.”

The motor is compatible with existing gearboxes and OEM single-speed transmissions. “Electrofit can also provide a matched OEM single-speed transmission that is designed to sync perfectly with the motor,” says the company. “The motor and transmission combined will provide an impressive front-wheel-drive setup of 260 Nm of torque.”

The motor also includes a 500 mm power cable, communications cable, coolant pipe connectors and motor installation instructions. The company says it is shipped worldwide in a 600 x 600 x 760 mm crate that weighs approximately 56 kg.

The motor is available for £5,250.00 (about $6,208) plus VAT, and the Electrofit single-speed transmission is being offered for £1,000 (about $1,182) plus VAT.

Source: Electrofit

Source: Charged EVs

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