Elon Musk talks about Tesla Giga Berlin’s next steps with Economics Minister

Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited Gigafactory Berlin recently. Musk met with a few people in Brandenburg, including Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach.

Steinbach revealed the contents of his meeting with Elon Musk following their evening meeting.

“Very relaxed evening meeting with Elon Musk, D. Woidke, co-workers on both sides and myself,” the Minister tweeted. “In an atmosphere of mutual trust, we discussed the remaining tasks. Thanks to you and your great family for this visit, Elon!”

Sehr entspanntes abendliches Treffen mit @elonmusk, #DWoidke und mir, sowie Mitarbeitern auf beiden Seiten. Wir haben uns vertrauensvoll über die noch anstehenden Aufgaben ausgetauscht. Danke für den Besuch der ganzen Familie, Elon! @Stk_Brandenburg pic.twitter.com/gk8AFKpSVQ

— Jörg Steinbach (@joergstb) August 11, 2021

Based on Steinbach’s tweet, Musk discussed the remaining steps to get Giga Berlin operational. Tesla’s factory in Germany seems to be raring to go, based on videos taken of Giga Berlin’s stamping section. Model Y bodies were spotted on the factory’s site recently, too, hinting that Giga Berlin’s machines are being calibrated for Model Y production.

Elon Musk’s visit and meeting with Steinbach occurred days before Armin Laschet’s planned visit to Giga Berlin, which may not be a coincidence. Laschet is a frontrunner to succeed Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

As a strong candidate for Chancellor, Laschet’s visit to Giga Berlin is significant as it could affect Tesla’s relationship with Germany moving forward. While Laschet seems to strongly support taking action over climate change, he has also stressed the importance of striking a balance between climate policies and maintaining a strong economy.

Tesla Giga Berlin stamping area video hints at a factory that’s raring to go

“The UN climate report is clear: a global, worldwide effort to protect the climate is more necessary than ever,” Laschet tweeted recently. “I want to make Germany the first climate-neutral industrial country, secure jobs in the face of structural change, and secure that climate protection is socially successful,” he noted.

Recent observations of Giga Berlin suggest that it isn’t that far behind Giga Texas, which reportedly started test Model Y production already. Giga Berlin is instrumental in decreasing the price of the Model Y in Europe.

Elon Musk predicts that the Model Y could become the world’s best-selling car by 2022 or 2023 and beat the Tesla Model 3. As a crossover, the Model Y has the potential to live up to Musk’s expectations. The crossover market has seen continuous growth over the years.

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