Enel X and Volkswagen collaborate to deploy fast charging network in Italy

The Volkswagen Group and charging management specialist Enel X have agreed to set up a joint venture that will operate as a charging point operator in Italy.

The new JV will own and operate a DC fast charging network of over 3,000 charging points, each with up to 350 kW of power. The charging network, which will be built out between 2021 and 2025, will be open to all EV drivers, and will be designed to “enable a comfortable ride with electric vehicles from north to south of the peninsula.”

Charging sites will be located mainly in city centers, and along main roads used by commuters.

“Volkswagen’s aim is to boost charging infrastructure around the world,” said Thomas Schmall, a member of the Volkswagen Board of Management. “The joint venture with Enel X will install more than 3,000 high power chargers at about 700 locations. By 2025, Volkswagen initiatives will provide 18,000 High Power Charging Points on the continent—this makes up one third of the necessary High Power Charging infrastructure in Europe.”

Source: Volkswagen

Source: Charged EVs
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