Everything You Need to Know About Electric RVs

Everything You Need to Know About Electric RVs

New Eco Road Warriors Are Coming

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are notorious for their poor gas mileage, which leads to increased fuel costs and higher greenhouse gas emissions. However, many people dream of packing their belongings into a van and living on the road, so interest in RVs has spiked. Many wonder if fully electric models could hit the pavement soon.

Electric RV Models in the Works

The global electric vehicle industry is booming. Experts predict it to grow by 17.02% annually until 2027, when it will be worth $858 billion. That’s good news for the environment—the transportation sector accounts for over one-quarter of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

There are currently no electric RVs on the market. However, several prototypes are underway.

The Winnebago claims the eRV electric camper van is the world’s first electric RV concept vehicle. It was unveiled alongside the Thor Vision Vehicle Electric RV at the 2022 Florida RV SuperShow. U.S. camping trailer company SylvanSport announced a third RV model, called Leading the Charge, in 2022. All three vehicles are still in the conceptual stage.

Winnebago eRV2

After revealing the eRV prototype last year, Winnebago is working on an improved model called the eRV2. It uses Ford E-Transit underpinnings to deliver 266 horsepower but a mere 108 miles of range, which may be a hard sell for people looking to live on the road. The E-Transit platform allows for DC fast charging.

The eRV2 comes equipped with a 48-volt house battery, which is typically 12 volts in a standard RV, to power the indoor amenities. The roof features solar panels to boost the house battery. As well, plant-based materials and fabrics made of recycled bottles line the spacious interior. Winnebago has yet to announce when the vehicle will be available.

Thor Vision Vehicle

Thor Industries also used a Transit as the basis for its conceptual Vision Vehicle. The hydrogen fuel cell and solar roof give the electric RV an impressive 300-mile range or the ability to power online equipment for a full week.

The vehicle has numerous touch-screen features, voice recognition and a 5G internet connection. It also has a low-flow showerhead and faucets to make it even more eco-friendly. It is not yet for sale.

Leading the Charge

SylvanSport is partnering with Zeus Electric Chassis Inc. to develop a fully electric motorhome. It may truly live up to its grandiose name with an unprecedented 400-mile range, all-wheel-drive with military-grade axles and 290 horsepower. It supports Level 2 and DC fast charging, which can charge the RV to 80% in around 45 minutes.

This electric RV features a pop-out kitchenette and water recycling system. Buyers will be able to choose between green and gray models. It is currently still in the development stage.

Electric RVs Are Just Around the Corner

Although no true electric RVs are for sale yet (some smaller units have popped up in Europe), manufacturers are putting the finishing touches on their prototypes. One of the Winnebago eRV2, Thor Vision Vehicle or SylvanSport Leading the Charge will likely be the first fully electric RV to hit the market. In the meantime, drivers wait patiently, but excitedly, for the chance to own a fully electric motor home.

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