EvGateway and Ampcontrol to provide Revel with smart charging software

Revel’s bright blue electric scooters, and now its bright blue Tesla taxis, have become high-visibility features of the New York City streetscape (the rideshare provider also operates in Washington DC, Miami and San Francisco). Now Revel has selected software vendor Ampcontrol and network infrastructure provider EvGateway to supply a software solution to optimize charging at its fast charging Superhubs.

Ampcontrol is an AI-powered software product designed to optimize EV charging. Ampcontrol seamlessly connects to charging networks, EVs and fleet systems, and uses real-time data to ensure fully charged vehicles, on-time departures and low energy costs. 

EvGateway is a turnkey EVSE infrastructure solution provider that offers capabilities including hardware procurement and networking, payment gateways, white label software development and 24/7 charging station support.

EvGateway and Ampcontrol will provide intelligent charging management services for Revel’s rideshare and commercial charging Superhubs. Revel will take advantage of EvGateway’s CPO charger management features (including OCPP functionality, demand response capabilities, smart charging and fleet management services), and Ampcontrol’s Intelligent Optimization cloud software, energy management systems and telematics.

“Operating a 100% electric rideshare service requires sophisticated charging optimization to ensure our vehicles are always ready to go,” said Revel COO and co-founder Paul Suhey. “We are excited to partner with Ampcontrol and EvGateway to develop ground-breaking smart charging technology.”

Source: EvGateway

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