Faraday Battery Challenge to fund 17 new tech projects

The Faraday Battery Challenge, a project initiated by the UK government to promote advanced battery technologies, has announced a new £10-million round of funding, which will be shared across 17 projects being undertaken by businesses and research institutions across the UK.

The funded projects cover a wide range of topics, including a new sodium nickel chloride battery system, a solid-state battery manufacturing system, graphene composite materials, a second-life battery solution, and battery recycling.

Several of the Faraday Battery Challenge-funded projects will be based at the recently-opened UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC), a battery manufacturing development facility that’s designed to provide a link between battery technology development and mass production. UKBIC is open to any organization with existing or new battery technology.

“Since 2017 the Faraday Battery Challenge has been supporting the UK’s battery companies to produce batteries that are more cost-effective, more efficient, charge faster and can easily be recycled,” said Tony Harper, Director of the Faraday Battery Challenge. “This new round of funding enables us to support companies across the battery supply chain.”

Source: UKRI.org

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