Ford Mustang gas-powered variant could be retired 2028

Ford’s gas-powered Mustang may be discontinued by 2028, according to industry insiders.

According to Autoweek, Ford’s top brass are looking to discontinue the gas-powered Ford Mustang by roughly 2028, making the upcoming seventh-generation Mustang the last of the lineup. With Dodge already moving to release their first EV muscle car as soon as 2024, Ford may be forced to move quickly to keep up with new competition.

The seventh-generation Mustang, expected to be unveiled sometime next month, could likely be the end of the gas-powered Ford muscle car that has been a staple of the brand since the 1960s. However, if the success of the Ford Mustang Mach-E is any indicator of future success, Ford executives should have little reason to worry.

It is unclear if the upcoming Mustang generation will feature any form of electrification. Nonetheless, with the unveiling of the Dodge Charger Daytona EV earlier this week, manufacturers looking to introduce an EV muscle car have likely been caught off guard by Dodge’s bold 2024 release date.

Multiple other categories of vehicles that Ford produces have yet to be released by the brand either. The full-fat Ford Bronco, which has taken the offroading and overlanding scene by storm, could be the first serious EV off-roader (if they can beat competitors from Jeep, Rivian, and/or Tesla).

The juggernaut Ford Maverick and Bronco Sport models could offer Ford the perfect platform for their first affordable EV. And the incredibly underserved three-row segment of vehicles desperately needs electrification. This market could be addressed by a Ford Explorer EV, Expedition EV, a long wheelbase Mach-E, or even a Lincoln equivalent.

While Ford may be considered ahead of the game compared to many other legacy automakers, they still have a lot of avenues to grow into, and the EV Ford Mustang is only one of them. Many hope the brand can continue its longtime dedication to driving pleasure via an electrified muscle car. Still, with the EV market becoming ever more competitive, they will need to move quickly to capitalize.

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