Ford Mustang Mach-E loses its Consumer Reports recommendation

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is arguably one of the most popular EVs outside Teslas in the United States today, but Consumer Reports does not seem to be too impressed with the all-electric crossover for now. As per the magazine’s recent Auto Reliability Survey, Consumer Reports no longer counts the Ford Mustang Mach-E as one of its recommended vehicles.

This is a blow to Ford’s electric crossover, especially since Consumer Reports just added the Mustang Mach-E to its list of recommended vehicles last year. The magazine noted then that its recommendation was due to the Mach E’s excellent reliability ratings that were earned from Consumer Reports’ surveys. The Mach-E also unseated the Tesla Model 3 as Consumer Reports’ Top EV Pick for 2022.


Ironically, this very reliability that caused the Mach-E to be added last year also caused the vehicle to lose its recommendation this time around. Mustang Mach-E owners reported issues with the display screen, which freezes up at times, as well as the vehicle’s charging system. Issues were also reported on the Mach-E’s electrical problems, and some also encountered battery issues. 

Ford, for its part, has issued a statement on the matter. According to the veteran automaker, the issues that were outlined in Consumer Reports’ surveys have already been addressed. The company also made it a point to highlight that it is doing what it can to ensure that the Mach-E is steadily improved. 

“We listen to all customer feedback, including Consumer Reports and the concerns raised by customers. The survey results were from a population of vehicles early in the launch of these vehicles and those concerns have since been addressed. For Mach-E, we issued a recall for certain 2021 and 2022 vehicles. We updated software to prevent any damage to the contactors. In July, we rolled out an OTA (over the air) update that included improvements to plug and charge feature to increase successful charger activation rate,” Ford noted

While the Mach-E was the only electric car that lost its Consumer Reports recommendation in the magazine’s recent survey, it was not the only Ford that received a markdown. Joining the Mustang Mach-E is the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport, which lost its recommendation over a number of quality concerns, such as issues with its engine’s head gasket, braking system, and fit and finish, among others. 

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