Global Emerging Markets to invest $450 million in EnergyX for lithium production

Lithium and battery technology startup Energy Exploration Technologies (EnergyX) has announced investment of $450 million from investment firm Global Emerging Markets. The proceeds will be used to further the company’s commercialization efforts.

EnergyX offers a proprietary Lithium Ion Transport and Separation (LiTAS) technology that uses membranes, membrane modules and electrodialysis units for lithium production. 

“EnergyX completed an active tender process with Bolivia’s lithium company YLB, where one of its LiTAS pilot plants operated from early 2022, rendering promising results,” EnergyX says. “Although YLB initially elected to move in a different direction for that specific tender, EnergyX still believes there are different opportunities and angles to work with YLB providing services to their lithium industry.”

EnergyX also has plans for its Solid State Lithium Metal Battery (SoLiS). “EnergyX also recently signed an agreement with MOBI LATAM, a Bolivian electric micro-mobility startup to build battery swap stations using EnergyX’s SoLiS technology,” says the company.

Source: EnergyX

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