GM and Microvast to develop new battery separator tech, build US plant

GM and battery manufacturer Microvast are collaborating to develop specialized EV battery separator technology, and to build a new separator plant in the US, supported by a $200-million grant from the DOE’s Battery Materials Processing and Battery Manufacturing initiative.

Separators are battery components that separate the anode from the cathode, while allowing for ion transfer. GM will contribute its separator and coating technology to the collaboration. This technology is designed to enhance the thermal stability of batteries and to work with nearly all types of lithium-ion cells, including graphite, silicon, and lithium-metal anodes and nickel-rich, cobalt-free, lithium iron phosphate and high-voltage cathodes.

“This collaboration with Microvast supports our efforts to develop a North American-focused EV supply chain and help put everyone in an EV,” said Kent Helfrich, GM’s Chief Technology Officer. “It will also provide us with separator technology that can be used in future Ultium batteries.”

Source: General Motors

Source: Charged EVs

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