Green Mountain Power buys two electric utility trucks from Lion Electric

The Lion Electric Company (NYSE: LEV), a manufacturer of all-electric Class 5 to Class 8 commercial urban trucks and buses, has secured an order for two electric trucks from Vermont utility Green Mountain Power—a Lion8 bucket truck for line crews and a Lion6 stake-body truck for electrical maintenance field crews.

Lion expects to deliver the first truck to GMP in the first half of 2022, and the second one next summer. The bucket truck offers a range of 130 miles, and the stake truck’s range is 200 miles. The bucket truck and its auxiliary systems run entirely off the vehicle’s battery pack, eliminating on-site emissions and noise pollution.

Lion says its trucks deliver 60% lower maintenance costs, and 80% lower energy costs, compared to fossil-fuel vehicles.

Since 2016, Lion has delivered over 390 all-electric heavy-duty vehicles in North America, which have logged over 7 million miles. All of Lion’s vehicles are purpose-built for electric propulsion, and are manufactured at the company’s North American facility, which has a current capacity of 2,500 electric trucks per year.

“As a clean energy leader, Vermont is a great example of how to integrate sustainable energy and electrified transportation,” said Marc Bedard, CEO and founder of Lion Electric. “These trucks will eliminate emissions in the communities where they operate while saving on fleet costs, and we look forward to growing our relationship with GMP in the future.” 

“Electrifying our heavy-duty field operations fleet to reduce carbon emissions as we travel the state keeping the lights on and building a more resilient grid is a critical next step in our work to eliminate fossil fuels from our operations,” said Mari McClure, CEO of Green Mountain Power. “Transportation with fossil-fueled vehicles is the top source of carbon emissions in Vermont.”

Source: Lion Electric

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