J.D. Power and Motorq collaborate to measure real-world EV battery health

J.D. Power and Motorq, a vehicle data platform company, are partnering to provide the automotive industry with EV battery insights based on connected vehicle data.

Their first product, using measurements supplied by the vehicle in close collaboration with the manufacturer, will provide EV owners and potential buyers with an independent measurement of the health of a vehicle’s battery as compared with its stated health when new. Vehicles that achieve a pre-specified score will receive a J.D. Power validation.

“For used EVs, the range can be affected by a number of factors, including how the vehicle has been driven and charged and the temperature where it is being operated,” said Dave Sargent, VP and Head of Connected Vehicles at J.D. Power. “By measuring the state of health of an EV battery over time, J.D. Power and Motorq will provide transparency for the consumer. This information will give used EV shoppers confidence that they are buying a high-quality vehicle at a fair price.”

Source: J.D. Power

Source: Charged EVs

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