Las Vegas shares details on The Boring Co’s run-in with stray Tesla at LVCC Loop

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority recently provided some new information about an unusual incident that transpired in June at The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop. The incident, which involved a stray Tesla inadvertently finding itself in the LVCC Loop, ultimately resulted in The Boring Company refining its protocols with additional mitigation measures to ensure that such an event does not take place again in the future. 

According to LVCVA spokeswoman Lori Kraft, the incident was caused by a Tesla driver who was looking for a charging station on June 21, 2021, at the conclusion of the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conferences and International Beauty Show, which was being held at the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. In his search for a charging station, the Tesla driver ended up entering the LVCC Loop’s area of operations. 

The LVCC Loop was promptly shut down as soon as the unauthorized vehicle was detected, and the driver proved cooperative as security officers addressed the disruption. Operations resumed soon after. No injuries or damages were reported as a result of the stray Tesla. 

Kraft noted that following the incident, The Boring Company immediately refined its security protocols with additional mitigation measures, as per a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. These new measures are designed to ensure that outside vehicles would not be able to access the LVCC Loop in the future. The Boring Company, however, has not issued a formal statement about the incident to date. 

The Boring Company is starting to hit its stride with its projects. Just recently, the tunneling startup received a shot at exclusive negotiations for its planned Las Olas Loop in Fort Lauderdale. The company has also pitched a tunnel project that would provide access to Boca Chica beach during SpaceX’s launches at Starbase, Texas. Furthermore, the company shared a teaser video of Prufrock-2, its second custom-made, all-electric digger designed to revolutionize tunneling. 

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