LG Innotek introduces new 800 V wireless BMS

LG Innotek has introduced an 800-volt wireless battery management system (BMS) that it says can greatly increase battery performance. 

LG’s new wireless BMS has a communication module that integrates an RF communication chip and antenna into one unit. LG says that removing hundreds of BMS wires and connectors from a battery pack can allow vehicle weight to be reduced by 66~198 Ib, and battery pack space to be increased by 10-15%.

LG Innotek will mass-produce the wireless BMS in 2024. It also hopes to produce a wireless EV charge controller using its new technology. 

“According to industry sources, it is expected that major global automobile companies will adopt a wireless BMS in earnest starting in the year 2024,” says LG.

Source: LG Innotek

Source: Charged EVs

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