LiquidPiston runs hybrid X-Engine on hydrogen

LiquidPiston has released a video with Warped Perception demonstrating its X-Engine’s ability to run on hydrogen gas. This is the sixth fuel variation that has been shown to power the engine, along with gasoline, propane, kerosene, diesel and jet A fuel.

LiquidPiston modified its 4.5-pound X-Engine to run on hydrogen. The engine was then installed in a hybrid go-kart, which was originally powered by a 39-pound gasoline engine. The developmental X-Engine was initially tested at the company’s on-site dyno testing facility.

“We could see an X-Engine taking hydrogen gas created using energy from solar panels and wind turbines to power electrified vehicles—creating a zero-emission vehicle while minimizing battery size, weight and cost,” said Alec Shkolnik, CEO of LiquidPiston.

Source: LiquidPiston

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