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Tesla’s AI Day is here. In a few minutes, Tesla watchers would be seeing executives like Elon Musk provide an in-depth discussion on the company’s AI efforts on not just its automotive business but on its energy business and beyond as well. AI Day promises to be yet another tour-de-force of technical information from the electric car manufacturer. Thus, it is no surprise that there is a lot of excitement from the EV community heading into the event. 

Tesla has kept the details of AI Day behind closed doors, so the specifics of the actual event are scarce. That being said, an AI Day agenda sent to attendees indicated that they could expect to hear Elon Musk speak during a live keynote, speak with Andrej Karpathy and the rest of Tesla’s AI engineers, and participate in breakout sessions with the teams behind Tesla’s AI development. 

Similar to Autonomy Day and Battery Day, Teslarati would be following along on AI Day’s discussions to provide you with an updated account of the highly-anticipated event. Please refresh this page from time to time, as notes, details, and quotes from Elon Musk’s keynote and its following discussions will be posted here. 

Simon 17:10 PT – A good thing to keep in mind is that AI Day is a recruitment event. Some food for thought just in case the discussions take a turn for the extremely technical. AI Day is designed to attract individuals who speak Tesla’s language in its rawest form. We’re just fortunate enough to come along for the ride.

Tesla Board Member Hiro Mizuno sums it up in this tweet pretty well.

Anybody passionate about real world AI !!

— HIRO MIZUNO (@hiromichimizuno) August 20, 2021

Simon 17:05 PT – I guess AI Day is starting on “Elon Time?” We’re on to the next track of chill music.

Simon 17:00 PT – And with 5 p.m. PST here, the music is officially live on the AI Day live stream. Looks like we’re in for some wait. Wonder how many minutes it would take before it starts? Gotta love this chill music though.

Simon 16:58 PT – While waiting, I can’t help but think that a ton of TSLA bears and Wall Street would likely not understand the nuances of what Tesla would be discussing today. Will Tesla go three-for-three? It was certainly the case with Battery Day and Autonomy Day.

Made it

— Johnna Crider (@JohnnaCrider1) August 19, 2021

Simon 16:55 PT – T-minus 5 minutes. Some attendees of AI Day are now posting some photos on Twitter, but it seems like photos and videos are not allowed on the actual venue of the event. Pretty much expected, I guess.

Simon 16:50 PT – Greetings, everyone, and welcome to another Live Blog. This is Tesla’s most technical event yet, so I expect this one to go extremely in-depth on the company’s AI efforts and the technology behind it. We’re pretty excited.

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