Magna supplies battery enclosure for Ford F-150 Lightning

Magna is supplying Ford with battery enclosures for the upcoming F-150 Lightning electric truck. The enclosures will be the first built by Magna for Ford in the North American market. Their aluminum extrusions and stampings are assembled using a combination of laser hybrid and cold metal transfer (CMT) welding.

Magna offers battery enclosures made from steel, aluminum and multi-material configurations, including lightweight composites. The Lightning F-150’s enclosure uses aluminum to help minimize added mass from the truck’s battery.

“Magna is proud to play a role in [producing] the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning,” said John Farrell, President of Magna. “The shift toward electrification is significant for our industry, and it brings Magna many opportunities to leverage our extensive expertise in engineering and manufacturing to meet those challenges.”

Source: Magna

Source: Charged EVs
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