Mercedes unveils new EQS SUV

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its new EQS SUV variant that will go on sale later this year.

Mercedes has expanded their EQ line of electric vehicles with the new EQS SUV. The 7-seater luxury SUV starts at $130,000, features an optional all-wheel-drive system capable of 536 horsepower, has an estimated range of up to 410 miles, and can charge at a rate of 200kW via fast charger (10%-80% in 30min).

Mercedes were looking to take the fight of the luxury sedan to the likes of Tesla and Lucid with their EQS sedan, but now they hope to challenge the likes of the Tesla Model X with their EQS SUV. The relatively sparse 7-seater EV market makes the Mercedes an early contender, but they are bringing a great option to the table.

Much like the EQS sedan the SUV is based on, the vehicle is capable of incredible range, 410 miles, when equipped with the single motor rear-wheel drive option. The SUV also offers similar luxury features. An optional cross-dash display system with three screens; driver, center console, and passenger. Optional rear-wheel steering and all-wheel drive system boosts horsepower to 536, up from 355 in the single motor. And a 200kW capable charging system means that Mercedes can charge the EQS SUV’s enormous 107.8kWh battery in just 30min to 80%.

In a similar trend to other legacy car makers like Cadillac, Mercedes has made the new EQS SUV enormous. The vast SUV stretches over 16.5 feet long and weighs an earth-shattering 7716 pounds. But with that size comes all of the luxury interior features you can expect from a vehicle with a starting price over $100,000. Massaging and heated seats for all passengers, displays available for every Gen Z-er being taken to soccer practice, and Mercedes’ iconic interior lighting system draping over the interior.

It is clear the target of the Mercedes EQS SUV, the Tesla Model X, and the vehicle certainly does its best to outshine its American counterpart. The EQS SUV has more range, more passenger space (especially in the third row), and more comfort amenities for passengers. However, it is substantially less powerful than the comparably priced Tesla Model X Plaid. At the same time, Mercedes is undoubtedly working on an AMG variant that will go toe-to-toe with Tesla’s monster.

However, they will not be the only manufacturer looking to enter the 7-seater market. Tesla is likely looking to update their long-in-the-tooth vehicle lineup, Hyundai/Kia are both looking to bring a large 7-seater option to market, BMW is likely working on an iX7 to compliment its current 5-seater option, and Lucid’s Project Gravity is in the works as well. Not to forget Ford and GM, who have long dominated the gargantuan SUV market with the likes of the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, Chevy Suburban, and Cadillac Escalade. This will be an exciting market to watch in the coming years.

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