Mullen accelerates solid-state polymer battery integration with Class 1 electric cargo vans

EV manufacturer Mullen Automotive is integrating solid-state polymer battery technology into its commercial Class 1 EV cargo vehicle program.

The Mullen Class 1 EV freight van has a 46 kW lithium-ion battery pack and a 110-mile range. The company claims that its solid-state polymer technology will offer more than 200 miles of range, as solid-state batteries are expected to outperform lithium-ion cells in energy density, charging speed, size and safety. Mullen will test this technology in its Class 1 EV freight vehicles in Q4 2023.

“The Linghang Guochuang Group partnership with Mullen brings next-generation LH solid-state battery technology to the forefront of vehicle production,” said Yao Wang, GM of Linghang Guochuang Group.

Source: Mullen

Source: Charged EVs

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