Proterra to boost ZX5 electric bus battery capacity to 738 kWh

Commercial vehicle OEM Proterra (NASDAQ: PTRA) plans to increase the available battery capacity of its ZX5 electric transit bus. Starting in 2023, the 40-foot Proterra ZX5 Max electric transit bus can be equipped with up to 738 kWh of onboard energy, which enables a range of more than 300 miles.

The 35-foot and 40-foot ZX5+ models can be equipped with up to 492 kWh of onboard energy for routes with less demanding range requirements.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, Proterra’s electric transit buses are equipped with the company’s Proterra Powered battery platform, which features a customizable design to fit within a variety of vehicles, as well as a ruggedized commercial-grade housing to withstand harsh environments.

“With historic support behind zero-emission transit, North America is ready to go all-in on electrifying transportation and Proterra technology is here to meet the moment,” said John Walsh, Proterra’s Chief Commercial Officer. “As public transit accelerates towards zero-emission transportation, we’re excited to bring more energy and innovation to our industry-leading ZX5 electric transit bus.”

Source: Proterra

Source: Charged EVs

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