Proterra to power Taylor container handler and forklift

Commercial EV innovator Proterra (NASDAQ: PTRA) and heavy-duty equipment manufacturer Taylor Machine Works have announced a new partnership to power Taylor’s next-generation ZLC-series electric container handler and ZH-series electric forklift using Proterra’s battery technology.

The two companies will collaborate on strategies to deliver charging and infrastructure solutions to help ports and other customers electrify their heavy-duty material-handling machinery.

The first Proterra Powered Taylor ZLC-series and ZH-series machines are expected to be delivered to customers beginning in 2022. The ZH-series battery-electric vehicle will feature 225 kWh of battery capacity, and the ZLC-series will offer 904 kWh, packaged within the Proterra battery system. The Taylor ZLC-series is designed to meet zero-emissions standards without interrupting the demanding processing sequence required by the world’s busiest ports.

“Electrifying heavy-duty equipment is a win-win for our ports and our communities. It means protecting our health and the air we breathe at the same time we meet the needs of the world’s busiest ports and other industrial settings with battery electric technology,” said Gareth Joyce, President of Proterra Powered & Energy.

“Electrification of mobile material-handling equipment is an exciting and challenging effort but is also developing very quickly. Taylor is readying our customers for the new choices they have in the ways energy is used in their businesses,” said Matt Hillyer, Director of Engineering for Taylor Machine Works. “Proterra offers the experience needed to stay ahead of the curve and add to the solid support which Taylor customers demand.”

Source: Proterra

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