Rheinmetall introduces modular curb chargers

When all or most cars are EVs, cities will need massive numbers of on-street chargers, and innovative designs will be required to minimize intrusion into already-cluttered public spaces.

Düsseldorf-based technology group Rheinmetall presented a novel curb charging system at a recent e-mobility conference in Germany.

The new charger integrates charging electronics into the curb itself, so it blends into the cityscape almost invisibly. EVs can be charged directly at the curb with no need to stretch a long cable across the sidewalk.

The modular curb charger is capable of charging at power levels up to 22 kW AC. It can be integrated into existing backend systems and charging system infrastructures via the open charge point protocol (OCPP).

Rheinmetall  designed the system with ease of retrofitting and maintenance in mind. So-called “dummy curbs” are installed at the desired locations, and can be retrofitted as soon as the number of EVs in a neighborhood ensures adequate demand. According to the company, retrofitting takes only minutes, and the electronic unit can be easily removed for maintenance.

The systems are undergoing comprehensive long-term testing in Germany.

Source: Rheinmetall

Source: Charged EVs

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