Rivian addresses battery issue stranding drivers

Rivian has released an announcement regarding a battery issue that is leaving drivers stranded.

Along with dramatically boosting production over the coming year, Rivian is looking to improve build quality and fix software bugs that have caused some drivers issues since receiving their vehicles. Recently, this involved recalling a segment of their trucks over side airbag deployment issues, and now, the company is addressing another problem, this one incapacitating trucks, typically in cold conditions.

The issue being addressed circles around the truck’s 12-volt battery, which is a critical part that allows the truck to start, and powers many accessories, typically on the vehicle’s interior. The problem was initially reported by owners on Reddit, with some being stranded by their trucks in less-than-ideal locations. Rivian announced its plan to address the issue in a Reddit post on the company’s subreddit.

[Official] Guidance on Recent 12v Battery Issues
by u/Studovich in Rivian

Rivian wasn’t immediately available to comment to Teslarati regarding details of the update, but according to the company’s post, an upcoming Rivian software update should prevent any further issues.

This software fix is just another example of the incredible flexibility and usefulness of OTA updates, especially in fixing what can be life-threatening issues. However, besides Rivian, Tesla, Ford, and a few other select manufacturers, this technology has yet to become completely mainstream within the industry.

Rivian is at a pivotal point in its history, as it looks to finally start delivering the vast number of vehicles that some reservation holders have been waiting for for years. The company plans to build a total of 50,000 vehicles this year, along with its continuing efforts of growing its charging network and selling a growing number of delivery vans, potentially to new customers.

Rivian stock shows just how pivotal the company’s position is, as it has finally stopped its year-long slide and has actually grown in value over the past five days. Hopefully, this is a positive indicator that the company still has a clear path ahead of it that investors believe in.

William is not a Rivian shareholder, nor does he hold any Rivian bonds.

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