Rivian introduces ‘Elevation Audio’ to reduce cost and improve quality

Rivian has launched its own in-house designed audio system, “Elevation Audio,” which aims to reduce cost while improving quality.

Rivian faces two main challenges this year regarding production, which it hopes to address: high production costs and ramping production overall. Today, it has announced one of its first moves to tackle one of these issues, introducing its own in-house audio system aimed at reducing production costs while still offering drivers a fantastic listening experience.

Rivian announced the all-new “Elevation Audio” system in a support post this morning, outlining some specifications and improvements with the new system. The new system will be included in R1T and R1S vehicles manufactured after February 2023.

In an effort to cut costs post-February 2023 R1 builds have a new speaker system, designed in-house.

Rivian previously used Meridian. This new speaker system is called “Rivian Elevation”. #Rivian pic.twitter.com/mjGY9DqYpe

— Rivian Updates (@rivianupdates) March 20, 2023

Specifically, the brand revealed that its new system removes a pair of midrange speakers, reduces the use of rare earth elements, cuts overall weight, and reduces the cost per unit. Since February, the new speaker system has been in production and has already found its way into produced vehicles.

By eliminating the use of a set of speakers, while also reducing its dependence on third-party suppliers, Rivian has likely dramatically reduced the cost of production of its audio system. And better yet, according to the company’s testing, customers preferred the in-house system compared to its third-party counterpart.

This change in audio follows a low point in the company’s history, with its stock value hitting a new low just last week. This fall was motivated by the news that Rivian was creating a new corporate bond to help fund the development of its second-generation trucks. However, as the automaker implements more changes like the one announced today, it is undoubtedly headed in the right direction regarding battling this fall.

Luckily, there is more good news surrounding Rivian. As the company looks to move away from its exclusivity agreement with Amazon, its newest version of delivery van, the EDV 500, has been spotted in testing, indicating the brand is set to increase its number of offerings for the first time in a very long time. Simultaneously, the company is on the cusp of delivering thousands of orders over the coming months as it continues to ramp up production of all of its vehicles.

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