Rivian R1T gets glowing review after first drive: “the most remarkable pickup”

The Rivian R1T recently received a glowing review, thanks to its apparent seamless combination of bleeding-edge technology and classic pickup truck capabilities. The review, which was published by automotive news outlet MotorTrend, may very well be the first of many positive responses that the R1T would receive when it begins customer deliveries later this month. 

 The Rivian R1T was unveiled in late 2018 with an estimated 2020 production date. Similar to other automakers, however, Rivian was hit by the pandemic last year and this year’s ongoing chip shortage and supply chain issues. These challenges ended up delaying Rivian’s R1T deliveries to this month, September 2021. But if the vehicle’s first drive review is any indication, it appears that the wait is definitely worth it for the all-electric pickup truck. 

Rivian R1T test drive video showcases electric pickup’s off-road capability

The publication entered that the Rivian R1T’s killer features are its powertrain and suspension setup. With four electric motors and height-adjustable air suspension, the R1T is both quick on the pavement and capable off-road. By having one motor for each of its wheels, the R1T offers real-time torque vectoring as well, allowing the vehicle to deliver power exactly where it’s needed. 

Rivian’s drive modes represent the best that the company’s torque vectoring capabilities could offer. The R1T features several drive modes, such as “All-Purpose,” which is both swift and sure-footed, “Conserve,” which maximizes efficiency by turning the vehicle into a front-wheel drive pickup truck, and “Sport,” which strangely makes the R1T handle and behave like a sports car. Just like other premium electric vehicles, the R1T is very quick and very smooth on the road. 

But inasmuch as the Rivian R1T is capable on paved roads, the all-electric pickup truck truly shines when the vehicle goes off-road. MotorTrend noted that the R1T could rival a Jeep Wrangler at times, as it is capable of traversing obstacles that may give its internal combustion-powered peers a difficult time. The fact that the R1T’s ground clearance ranges from 7.9 inches to a whopping 14.4 inches is impressive, and it allows the vehicle to take on even the most unforgiving terrains. 

Rivian CEO teases R1T’s flood wading abilities in new video

The glowing review of the R1T continues to its storage spaces, which are very generous in the vehicle. However, the publication did highlight that the R1T is not perfect, as its infotainment system’s user interface needs improvement. The R1T’s rear seats are also best for passengers who are not very tall, as their upright backseat and firm seats seem designed more for utility than comfort. Legroom, however, is generous. 

The Rivian R1T is an adventure truck that is made for people who love the outdoors, and ultimately, this is perhaps the vehicle’s greatest asset. Rivian is pretty much staffed by people who live and breathe adventure, after all, particularly its CEO, RJ Scaringe. Based on what MotorTrend has stated about the vehicle so far, it appears that the R1T, in more ways than one, is the perfect adventure pickup created for the outdoors by people who also love the outdoors. And that in itself is a pretty darn good balance to have. 

Watch MotorTrend‘s first drive of the Rivian R1T in the video below. 

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