Rivian R1T test drive video showcases electric pickup’s off-road capability

Rivian invited some R1T preorder holders to test drive its all-electric pickup truck in Normal, Illinois. Rivian’s R1T test drives are a positive sign for the EV startup’s planned deliveries this fall.

Reservation holders seemed to really enjoy their R1T test drives at Rivian’s production factory in Normal. They all had the chance to experience the instant torque only an all-electric vehicle could give. They also experienced the R1T’s off-road capabilities firsthand.

How does it feel to drive an R1T? Last week, we invited a group of preorder holders to Normal, IL to find out. pic.twitter.com/IkANzvBeyV

— Rivian (@Rivian) August 5, 2021

Rivian let R1T preorder holders drive the pickup truck through obstacles, including some rocky terrain and dirt hills. It was an excellent opportunity for future R1T owners to learn more about the electric pickup they would be driving soon.

“The scariest thing for me is going up the hill,” said one R1T reservation holder who attended Rivian’s small test drive event. “Because, having been in different vehicles in the military, I would never do any of that. Like, I would be freaked out,” he said.

Rivian will kick off its drive program this month. “We’re kicking off our drive program in August — we can’t wait for you to get behind the wheel to experience the performance and handling of driving a Rivian,” the company stated.

(Credit: Rivian)

For the program, the company plans to organize at-home drives or tour events. Rivian will be prioritizing preorder holders for its drive experiences (i.e., the tour events and at-home drives) due to anticipated demand.

Customers can schedule a date and time for at-home drives. They can choose to have an in-depth walkthrough with a Rivian team member or a self-guided tour.

Rivian is planning tour events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Seattle. Preorder holders can meet other customers at tour events and see the company’s paint selections and interior choices in person, too. Future Rivian owners will also experience a demonstration of all the vehicles’ features and home-charging equipment.

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