Russian startup develops LNG- and hydrogen-powered off-grid EV charger

Russian based startup L-Charge has developed an off-grid EV charger that can be powered by liquid natural gas (LNG), hydrogen, or a mixture of the two—the ratio can be adjusted depending on regulations and fuel prices.

The company is marketing its charger not only as a way to provide charging in locations where grid power isn’t available, but also as a way for oil companies and gas stations to stave off decline.

For the fossil fuel industry, “one of the obvious problems to be solved is where to distribute fuels while the world is galloping towards a carbon-free future,” says L-Charge. The company tells us that gasoline sales have been declining steadily since 2007, and combined sales of diesel and gasoline peaked in 2017. “With the electrification of the vehicle fleet, it seems unlikely that this figure will ever recover.”

Pity the poor gas stations—not only is fossil fuel usage in decline, but EV charging stations are being installed in a wide variety of locations such as grocery stores, malls, hotels, workplaces and parking garages, luring drivers away from gas stations.

“This is the right time for first movers to transform their gas stations into energy hubs,” says L-Charge CEO Dmitry Lashin. “The infrastructure and technology needed to give EV owners a fast and seamless charging experience already exists. It’s easy to fit. It’s scalable. And for gas station owners, it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd, build brand loyalty, future-proof their business and attract a new wave of consumers.”

Source: L-Charge

Source: Charged EVs
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