Siemens to expand its EVSE manufacturing operations in the US

Electronics giant Siemens plans to expand its US EVSE manufacturing operations.

Siemens expects to manufacture over one million EV chargers for the US market over the next four years. The company will bolster its existing infrastructure offerings with the VersiCharge Level 2 AC series of commercial and residential EV chargers.

Siemens is currently evaluating sites for a new factory. The company plans to identify a location this year and bring a facility online to begin manufacturing AC chargers in the US in early 2022.

The new facility, which will be the company’s third US eMobility hub, will complement Siemens’s existing operations in Wendell, North Carolina, where the company manufactures charging solutions for buses, trucks and heavy-duty EVs. In 2019, Siemens expanded the 272,000-square-foot Wendell facility to manufacture DC fleet EV chargers.

Siemens eMobility solutions include AC and DC chargers ranging from residential chargers to depot chargers to infrastructure systems that power electrified bus lines. The Siemens PlugtoGrid eMobility product portfolio encompasses charging infrastructure hardware, electrical equipment, software and services in the North American EV market.

“As America embraces electrified transportation, we are ensuring the infrastructure is in place to support it,” said Ruth Gratzke, President of Siemens Smart Infrastructure US. “To meet this moment, Siemens is enthusiastically investing in the growth of our US eMobility footprint, [which] will help advance our nation’s climate policy while adding green jobs to the American workforce.”

Source: Siemens

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