Siemens VersiCharge XL fleet EV charging structure now available

Siemens has announced commercial availability of the VersiCharge XL, a sustainable EV charging structure designed for electrifying fleets at high-demand charging sites. Designed and produced in partnership with Nexii Building Solutions, the VersiCharge XL is comprised of sustainable, low-carbon building materials, and features a modular and scalable design that enables quick and efficient installation.

The VersiCharge XL contains all the necessary electrical infrastructure components to provide power to multiple EV chargers in an above-ground, enclosed, durable design. It can provide the power to charge a large number of EVs including buses, trucks and other medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

The VersiCharge XL is designed to be easily deployed in existing or new parking lots and structures, without trenching and excavation work.

“This unique solution helps address the sense of urgency we face to meet a growing market right now with the ability to easily scale up as needed in the future,” said John DeBoer, head of Siemens e-mobility North America. “The VersiCharge XL can eliminate up to 90 percent of the underground cable requirements to limit environmental disruption.”

The VersiCharge XL uses Nexii’s building material Nexiite, which has comparable properties to concrete with significantly less embodied carbon.

“Our EV charging infrastructure results in 45% less embodied carbon pollution when disassembled for reuse,” said Gregor Robertson, EVP of Strategy and Partnership at Nexii.  

Source: Siemens e-mobility

Source: Charged EVs

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