Sprint Power to lead project to develop ultra-fast charging 800 V battery systems

Sprint Power is leading a new £9.7-million project aimed at developing ultra-fast charging cells and battery packs for EVs and hybrids. Project CELERITAS is backed by the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre (APCUK), as well as a consortium that includes BMW, bp, AMTE Power, Clas-SiC and Eltrium.

Sprint Power will design and develop an 800 V battery platform for EV and hybrid applications, which will integrate system electronics and incorporate multiple charging protocols. Targeting BMW’s future battery specifications and requirements, the battery platform will bring together innovations from each partner. These include rapid charging cell technology from AMTE Power, bp’s thermal management and next-generation EV fluid technology, 1,200 V silicon carbide switching devices from Clas-Sic, Eltrium’s advanced 800 V manufacturing capabilities, and Sprint Power’s own 800 V DC-DC converter and battery management system (BMS) technologies.

The project will deliver two battery systems, one for BEV applications and one for hybrid applications. Each system will include an integrated 800 V to 14 V DC-DC converter, an 800 V BMS, and multiple charging interfaces that will include provision for wireless charging in the future. The platform architecture will be suitable for applications in multiple sectors, from commercial vehicles and energy storage systems to the marine, off-highway and aerospace sectors.

Source: Sprint Power

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