Tesla Autopilot recall in U.S. spreads to Canada

Tesla’s recall of over two million vehicles in the United States due to a needed fix to Autopilot has now spread to Canada and will affect 193,000 cars in the country to the North.

Yesterday, we reported on the initial response by the NHTSA and Tesla, which triggered the recall of Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y vehicles dating back as far as 2012 due to an issue with Autosteer, a feature of the automaker’s Autopilot suite.

Tesla to address NHTSA’s 2-million-vehicle Autopilot recall with OTA update

The NHTSA’s Safety Recall Report showed that Tesla’s default safety checks in the driver-assist system may not have been as robust as needed, and there was a chance drivers were not paying enough attention to the road due to the inadequate safety checks.

The fix was administered through an Over-the-Air Software Updates, which would be downloaded to the vehicles that were listed in the recall and would fix them immediately.

However, the recall will now spread to vehicles in Canada, according to the country’s agency that handles transportation.

Transport Canada said that it will recall about 193,000 vehicles, all of which will be fixed without actual servicing and through an Over-the-Air update, according to The Canadian Press.

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