Tesla California Virtual Power Plant crosses the 3,500-home mark

Tesla’s California Virtual Power Plant (VPP), which is comprised of homes equipped with Powerwall batteries, just crossed an important milestone — the system has passed the 3,500-home mark. The findings became evident following the California VPP’s second event on August 31, which saw the system provide up to 24 MW of power to support the grid.

As per an active tracker of the California VPP on Lastbulb, there are now 2,793 homes that are part of the PG&E grid and 743 homes that are part of the SoCal Edison grid. This makes a total of 3,536 homes equipped with Tesla Powerwall batteries that are ready to help keep the grid stable amidst the ongoing heat wave in the state.

The growth of Tesla’s California VPP is quite impressive. Lastbulb’s tracker showed 2,149 homes in early August. That was already impressive as it showed that the system had grown 12.3% in 20 days. Considering that there are now over 3,500 homes in the California Virtual Power Plant, it would appear that more homeowners are becoming more willing to share their Powerwall’s energy with the grid.

Part of this could be the fact that participating in the CA VPP is pretty much effortless, with some Powerwall owners noting on social media that taking part in a Virtual Power Plant involves just going about one’s day as usual. Tesla’s California Virtual Power Plant beta also offers $2 per kWh for homeowners who participate in the VPP, which means that Powerwall owners could receive an estimated $10 to $60 every VPP event.

It should be noted that the California Virtual Power Plant is still in beta for now. But considering its successful events so far, it would not be surprising if Tesla scales the program faster in the near future. A VPP is a perfect way to provide clean backup energy to the grid in a state like California, after all, considering the prevalence of solar solutions in the state.

Check out Lastbulb’s California VPP tracker in the graphic below.

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