Tesla China raises base Model 3, Model Y RWD prices

Tesla China raised the Model 3 RWD and Model Y RWD’s prices by RMB 4,752 (about $750) recently. The Model 3 RWD now costs RMB 255,652 before options, while the Model Y costs RMB 280,752. 

Before the price increase, the Model 3 RWD’s price was RMB 250,900, and the Model Y RWD’s price was RMB 276,000. Even with the recent price hike, both RWD models still qualify for China’s subsidy for new energy vehicles. The subsidy applies to new energy cars that cost no higher than RMB 300,000. 

Model 3 RWD price increases from RMB 250,900 to 255,652

Model Y RWD from RMB 276,000 to 280,752

Both increase by RMB 4,752

Can’t find any reference to 12/9 though pic.twitter.com/o8L4JVvwyM

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This recent price increase is the second time Tesla China has raised the MIC Model 3 RWD’s price this month. A few days ago, Tesla increased the cost of the Model 3 RWD by RMB 15,000 to RMB 250,900. Tesla China also based the Model 3 RWD’s range estimate on the China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC). Previously, range estimates were based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC).

The Model 3 RWD’s range estimate is 556 km using the CLTC standard. The Model Y RWD’s range estimate was also updated and currently stands at 545 km CLTC. The estimated delivery date for both vehicles is the “first quarter of 2022.”

Giga Shanghai footage from last weekend revealed a holding lot overflowing with Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Tesla’s gigafactory in Asia is now producing cars for the Chinese market. The practically full holding lot hints at the strong demand for the Model 3 and Model Y China alone.

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