Tesla China unveils Cybertruck-inspired EV charger

Tesla China has unveiled a Cybertruck-themed EV wall connector, previously teased as the “Cybervault.”

Outside of Tesla’s incredibly cool selection of vehicles, its collection of vehicle accessories has slowly become one of the most exciting sets of offerings on the automotive market. This includes everything from phone chargers to beer, and now, the brand has introduced a brand new EV wall connector with a design inspired by the Cybertruck.

Tesla unveiled the new product on its Weibo social media account in China last night. It has already gone viral in China as one of the coolest chargers available.

Tesla stated that a full product release is coming in two days, and more information, including price and specifications, is expected to be released then. Until then, it remains unclear if the new charger is just a reskinned version of the Tesla wall connector or if it is a standalone product with an entirely different set of specifications.

With the introduction of this wall connector, Tesla continues to make it clear that the Chinese market is a high priority as it continues to look to expand its marketshare in Asia. Earlier this week, the automaker finally brought the fabled Model S and X to the Chinese market. While these will certainly not be significant sellers in the market, it only further grows the brand’s presence in the country and will certainly earn them clout in the incredibly competitive Chinese car market.

As for the Cybertruck, on which the charger is based, Tesla seems closer than ever to delivering the highly anticipated truck. Tools like the incredible Giga-press at Tesla’s Austin, Texas facility are finally taking shape, and the first test castings have already been completed. Hopefully, along with other advances, the Cybertruck can make its way to North American roads sooner rather than later.

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