Tesla Cybertruck zips around Fremont Test Track after leaving Giga Texas

The Tesla Cybertruck zipped around the Fremont Factory’s test track on Tuesday after leaving Giga Texas in droves over the past week, as the automaker is evidently preparing the vehicle for initial deliveries soon.

For the past week, we’ve been tracking the Cybertruck’s trek to various locations around the United States. A hauler filled with potential release candidates was spotted on Fremont Factory property last week, and they appear to be unloaded and undergoing testing by engineers.

Earlier today, Met God in Wilderness, a Fremont Factory drone operator, captured the Cybertruck zipping around the test track at the factory. “Cybertruck is here for battery endurance tests,” the description of the video says.

Credit: Met God in Wilderness | YouTube

Last week, Tesla started transporting Cybertrucks on haulers to various locations. Some went to Fremont, others were on the road to what appeared to be the Northeastern U.S. Tesla, nor the NHTSA responded to our request for comment, but crash testing seems to be underway on the Cybertruck.

Some Cybertrucks were already crash-tested in Northern California, likely at the Fremont Factory, where Tesla operates its own crash-testing lab.

The NTHSA operates a Transportation Research Center (TRC) in Ohio, and as the Cybertrucks were spotted on I-55 in Missouri, this would be one of the ideal routes the pickups would be on to get to the Ohio facility.

Tesla Cybertrucks Supercharging and crash testing point to imminent release

The test track is a great indication that Tesla is performing perhaps the last steps before deliveries begin. However, the Cybertruck has not yet received a Certificate of Conformity from the EPA, which is ultimately what allows the car to enter the stream of commerce as it is a certification that it abides by the government’s rules.

Tesla is still working through what is likely the last government hurdles for the Cybertruck to be released. However, the final regulatory hurdles are not stopping the company from preparing for the delivery event that it talked about earlier this year.

Over the weekend, Tesla Cybertruck promotional footage was being shot on a glacier in Iceland, indicating that there may be some awesome videos planned to announce deliveries.

Check out the full video of the Cybertruck on the Fremont Factory test track below:

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